• Marriage restoration of my son jerwin and daughter in law jenalyn santos. melt their stony hearts. Deliverance from vices of my son jerome and jerwin santos , from drugs, alcohol, gambling . spiritual conversion for my entire family. thank.you.

    Evencia G. Santos Reply
  • Please pray for me and my family. We are in serious economic conditions. Please pray for us.

    Lillian Ehikioya Ailoje Reply
  • Please pray for my sick husband.

    Florestina Penn Reply
  • I have my prayer request for healing and I want to prayfor all those who are sick and waiting on God to heal them as I am waiting

    Charity Kabari Menegbo Reply
  • I have a need of Holy Spirit being good in pray and to be faincaily so as I could b able to help the needs

    Emmy Reply
  • Pray for me to be good pray,Tobe good economically and being able to help others with needs

    Emiliana Mwambwiga Jonas Reply
  • I wish all my prayers can be heard in the name of Jesus

    Masereka Reply
  • Am glad to be here with people at prayer!

    Maria Helen Castillo Reply
  • Praise God; Iam in need of prayer from Precarii group for a condition I have a bleeding and watery discharge which alternate but daily there is a dischage. Like the woman who touched the garment of Jesus I try to touch Him so I need you to join my prayer with the group

    Petronella wawa Reply
  • Good morning I would like to pray for the soul of my brother Allan for the forgiveness of his sins heavenly father please bring him to your kingdom amen.

    Elsa B.Bagon Reply
  • praying for fruit of the womb
    praying for finacial break through

    jane jumbo Reply
  • I bless the name of the Lord for given me the opportunity to pray for someone . And the God that arewers prays by fire will give answers to all our request in Jesus mighty name.

    Ronke Igwe Reply
  • I need prayers as all people do. Let us all be united in prayer.

    Melanie Malapad Reply
  • Hey everyone,,I am really in need of your prayers,,am searching for Aman to settle down with,,,kind help in prayers so that God sends him my way

    Benter Reply
  • Hi thanks for Blessing me with pray ,IAM from India , and I am happy to join you , please pray for my family ,IAM Christan but my husband is another cast , and I wish that my family also know about LORD GOD Almighty 🙏 and trust Jesus , please pray ,🙏, thank you so much AMEN 🤲💓

    Mishell Reply
  • To be healed of frequent urination.

    Mervyn Reply
  • need prayer to solve problem about work and money

    Zo Reply