Answered Prayer #851 – Child Near Drowning

Prayer Request:  Child Near Drowning

Prayers Received:  100

Read about this AMAZING miracle as published in the National Catholic Register. Click here.


  • On December 29, 2016, 19-month old Joy fell into a pool and did not have a heartbeat for 20-30 minutes.
  • A Precarii user, Mike Rimbey, posted a prayer request about Joy on December 31, 2016 and received 100 prayers from our Precarii users.
  • With all signs pointing towards it being too late to save this little girl, Joy’s heartbeat returned in the emergency room and she was put on a medical coma and placed on a ventilator.
  • On January 7th (8-days after the accident), Joy was responsive and breathing on her own.
  • On January 9th, Joy was able to eat on her own and was transferred out of pediatric intensive care.
  • On January 10th, she broke out into a smile and laughed—a true miracle. She is making improvements every day.

Glory to God in the Highest!

Praying Without Ceasing

— Contributed by Precarii User Dave Roderick

My Dream Job

If I could find a way, I would spend my working hours praying.  Just imagine it, getting to spend 40 hours a week in prayer.  I know of one guy who does that, but he is a hermit.  He intentionally spends his life in prayer for others.  He isn’t married and he doesn’t have a family.  In fact, he is a monk that has permission to live alone.  I don’t think that my wife would allow me to become a hermit.  I wouldn’t want to leave her.  I’ve grown attached to her over the years.

Paul says in 1 Thessalonians that we should pray continually.  If you are like most readers, you can’t and you don’t have any desires to drop everything and live alone so you can spend a great deal of your time in prayer.  When I was Prayer Coordinator with InterVarsity, it allowed me more time to pray than I do now, but I had to stop and do the work of coordinating prayer.  Frankly, I miss the opportunity I had to pray more because it was a part of the job.  With all this in mind, the question that this hub seeks to answer is; how do we pray without ceasing?

God’s Presence

Here is another mystery of the faith.  People are quick to say that God is everywhere.  But there are times when it feels like He is far from us.  There are times in my own life when it seems as if God is with me and it is very easy to pray.  At other times it feels like God far from me.  But yet, God is, in fact, everywhere.  How can this be?

I think we need to be intentional about acknowledging His presence.  One way I do this is in a practice called Centering Prayer.  It is prayer that you can’t fail at. The purpose of it is to intentionally bring yourself into the presence of God.  So, when you feel as if you are failing, in reality you are not.  The key to this is to have a phrase or an image that you use to bring your mind back.  You allow yourself to be open to what God has to say or be open to the idea that He might not have anything to say and He is happy just to spend time with you.

Daily Life With God

As believers, we walk by faith and not by sight.  As we walk along life, we need to stop and realize that God is always speaking to us.  We just need to have ears that hear.  For me, having time with God when I first get up is very valuable.  It helps me to realize that God was with me throughout the night.  And I get to start the day with God.

One thing I have written is a rule of life.  In reality, it is more about goals for my life and some of them are about my spirit being formed by God.  One goal I have is to increase my intentionality that God is always with me. We can look at in many different ways.  One thing I’ve been thinking about is having a spiritual discipline for when I’m stopped at a red light.  I would love to hear suggestions that you might have.

Prayer Without Ceasing List

Here are some suggestions on how you can be praying without ceasing.

  • Build Prayer Into Your Schedule:  This takes intentionality.  In other words, if you don’t plan times of prayer, it is less likely that it’s going to happen.  I say put it on your calendar so you can have a reminder.
  • Pray on the Spot:  Instead of saying, I will pray for you, offer to pray on the spot. Confession is good for the soul – there are many times I say I will pray for someone and then I don’t pray for them.  This way, we don’t forget to pray.  I do this with emails that I get from ministries that I agree to pray for.  This way I don’t forget to pray for them.
  • Precarii Prayer App:  Precarii is a great way to pray for others.  Every time you pray, it will notify the person that you just prayed for their request.  Precarii is great because when you are waiting in line you can use it to be praying.
  • Reminders:  Think about your day. What are things or places that can remind that God is always with you?  Once you identify them, every time it comes up, take a second to think about God.  Here are some suggestions:
    • Stop light and stop sign
    • When you turn onto the road for home and work
    • The co-worker who pushes your buttons enters the room
    • What are your thoughts?
  • Alarms:  One of the alarms I have set in my phone is to remind me to “Pray for One”.  Praying for one is praying that God will give you an opportunity to share about Him. When my alarm goes off, I take 30 seconds to pray for this.  What are some things that you want to pray for that you can set a alarm in your phone?
  • Your Thoughts:  What do you do to remind you that God is always with you?  Please share in the comment section either here on the hub or in the social media site you found this hub on.

Keep on Praying

Praying without ceasing is all about reminding yourself that you are in God’s presence.  I know that as I go throughout my day I have moments when I say something to God asking him to act or acknowledging Him that He is there. It is why I end each hub with “pray early and often.”

So folks, get out there and pray, pray, and pray.  Early and often.


Released Version 2.2

Thank you for all your feedback. Version 2.2 was released yesterday on the App Store and Google Play! Please download the new version now by clicking here. We can’t express how grateful we are for the feedback and ideas that you send to us.

In the last 30 days, our users have…

Sent 130,312 prayers.

Posted 578 intentions.

Had 42 prayers answered.

May God bless you, and all you do for our community!


Precarii’s Prayer Advisory Committee

When you join our Prayer Advisory Committee, you are telling us that you want to get more involved with Precarii.  Excellent!

Primarily, there are two things we ask our members to do:

  1. Use Precarii often (ideally daily) and pray for the intensions posted.
  2. Pray for God’s plan with Precarii.

When you join, you will:

  1. Be invited to the Precarii Prayer Advisory Committee Private Group
  2. Be included in emails about Precarii and our future.
  3. Be asked your opinion on various items.
  4. Be invited to group conference calls (when we have them).

If you are interested, simply fill out your information below.

May God Bless you and your family today.

New Tutorial for Version 2.1

Below is the tutorial for the new version of Precarii.

To access the tutorial:

1)    Open Precarii
2)    Click the top three bars on the top left corner
3)    The main menu will open
4)    Press “Tutorial,” which is the 6th item on the list.

Below are a few images from this Tutorial which will help you navigate a little easier.

Version 2.1 has been released!

We have added some great features, thanks to your feedback!  Please download the version now by clicking here.

Check them out below:

1) Ability to form private groups.  The admin is able to invite/ accept members and send private messages within the group.

2) Prayer Reminders.  You can now set reminders for yourself to pray.

3) Post Prayers Anonymously.  If you have a private intention, you can now post those anonymously.

Please continue to send your feedback and ideas to us.  We take every one of them into consideration.


Answered Prayers

Since Precarii was released…

We have collectively sent 453,692 prayers…

2,473 prayers posted…

376 have been answered.

We want to hear from you!

If one of those Answered Prayers was yours, please send us an email at Miracle@Precarii.com and share what happened with your prayer. The more details you can provide the better.

Thank you.

Version 2.0 Now Available

This week we released version 2.0 of Precarii.  It includes:

1)  Groups

Many people have requested the ability to form private groups and sort their prayers based on the “Groups” that they form or join.  Now it is possible.

  • To create a group, go to the 4th Icon on the bottom and press on “Create a group.”
  • To join a group, go to the 4th Icon on the bottom and press “Search for groups.”

After you have joined a group, every time you create a prayer (3rd Icon), you will be asked if you want to do one of the following:

  • Post the prayer publically so that all of the users in Precarii can view and pray for it.
  • Post the prayer to a specific group and only the members of that group will be able to view and pray for it.

2)  Private Message

Now you will be able to send private, direct messages to anyone on Precarii.  Only you and the person you are sending the message to will be able to see this message.

To send a private message, go to the Main Menu (the three bars on the top left corner) and tap “Direct Messages.”

3)  New Notifications Feature (Bell located on the top menu)

Our new notifications will make it easier for you to see who has prayed for you, who has commented on a prayer, or who has sent you a direct message.

Tap any of the messages shown here and you will be taken to that prayer or person.

4)  Multiple User Login 

If your kids use your phone to pray, or you have two accounts (for example, if you post for a non-profit), you no longer have to logout and login every time.

Go to Main Menu (the three bars on the top left corner), and click on “Change User.”

We hope these changes make it easier for you to pray more in Precarii.

Holy Week with Precarii

Would you pray with us this week, the holiest week of the year?

Could you put aside 1, 2, or 3-minutes before you go to bed, or when you get up, and pray for your fellow users’ intentions?

Our users have received 345,897 prayers over the past three months and by the grace of God, hundreds of prayers have been answered.

Would you join us?

Version 1.3 Now Available!

Thank you for all your feedback. We have updated Precarii, and here is what is included in the new version:

1)  Comments – You can now make comments below the prayer button.

2)  Notification Button – This is the bell located at the top of the app. When you click on it, you will find every interaction that is made with your posted prayer requests. For example:

  • When someone comments on your prayer, it will show here.
  • When someone prays for you, it will show here.

If you want to respond to a comment, simply tap the comment and it will take you directly there. No more scrolling to comment.

3)  Expired Prayers – In order to keep the prayer list active, all prayers that are posted and not prayed for get deleted after 5 days of inactivity.

Now, you can reactivate any “expired prayer” by going to the 2nd icon (the clipboard), click on the “expired prayer” tab, then click on the pencil of whichever prayer you wish to reactivate, select “active” and press save.

4)  “God’s Hands” – This is located under the 2nd icon (the clipboard). We created this “In God’s Hands” disposition for prayers so that if you have a prayer that is not “answered,” and you want to take it off the prayer list, you can put it in “God’s Hands.”

5)  Answered Prayers List – Located at the 5th icon (flower). We now have a place where you can see all answered prayers.  If you need any proof that prayers work, simply go to the 5th icon.

6)  Prayer List – When you open up Precarii, you will now see how many prayers are on our “Worldwide Prayer List” and how many prayers are on your “Friends Prayer List.”

We are currently developing the following for Version 1.4:

1)  Group Prayer List – You will be able to create groups and pray for the prayers in just those groups.  This could be a church group, a family group, or any group you want.  You will also be able to post prayers to only group members if they are private and not public.

2)  Direct Message – You will be able to send a private message to any of our users.  These messages will be sent via Precarii and no private information will be shared.

3)  Multiple Logins – For those of you who post as non-profits, churches, or have children that use your phone, next month, you will be able to change your login within the app.  This will make it easier to pray.