Answered Prayer #698 – Heart Transplant

Prayer Request:  Pray For A Successful Heart Transplant

Prayers Received:  477


  • A friend’s son (19-years old) had a heart condition since birth, and after 19-years, it progressed to the point where the doctors told them that they would need a heart transplant.
  • He was admitted into the hospital, at which point the prayer was posted, and 477 prayers received.
  • He made such a recovery, that that the doctors decided that they didn’t need a heart transplant anymore, only a pacemaker.

Glory to God in the Highest and Peace to His People on Earth!

Answered Prayer #485 – Wegener’s Disease

Prayer Request:  Jeremy Barns – 33 Year Old Father  (Wegener’s Disease)

Prayers Received:  335


  • A young father immediately was diagnosed with Wegener’s Disease and was unresponsive in intensive care at the hospital.
  • Artificial lungs were breathing for him, his heart rate was in the lower 20’s, and they found blood clots in his lungs.
  • Prayer was posted on Precarii, 335 prayers and 50 written comments poured in from all over the world.
  • What started with a simple health turn-around where he was stable, and he started to respond by moving his toes, turned into him going home two weeks later.
  • Two of his nurses called this a “miracle.”  One said, “In my 30 years of experience, I have never seen a patient turn around like this. I didn’t think he would make it.  Truly, this was a miracle!”
  • After discharged, his doctors were shocked when he didn’t even need dialysis and his kidneys had no damage.
  • Now, he was been given a clean bill of health.

In his Mothers’s own words:  “Just so happy to have him here, thank you all for your prayers!”

Glory to God in the Highest and Peace to His People on Earth!


Answered Prayer #367 – Suicide

Precarii Prayer Request:  Committed Suicide

Prayers Received:  69 Prayers and 33 comments in 5 hours

Details:  Instead of typing out the details of this very emotional prayer, we decided to take screenshots of all of the comments and share them with you below. What started as a Prayer Request for a woman that committed suicide, immediately turned into a support network like she has never felt before:

In Kat’s words: “Thank you everyone for your prayers.  The people here in Precarii are amazing. I am so lucky I found this app. Thank you guys. Really. This is the first time I encountered such a loving community… Please continue to pray for me. I think God wanted me to find this app. I felt this lightness in my heart on the bus this morning. I can’t explain it. It hurts still, but there is lightness.”

This is because of your prayers! Thank you! My God Bless all Precarii Users that believe in the power of prayer!!!!

Answered Prayer #345 – Addiction

Precarii Prayer Request: I’ve been addicted for 30 years. I know that only God can help me. Ready to change.

Prayers Received: 82


  • This was an anonymous post and the user contacted us via phone and asked to remain anonymous.
  • For 34 years he has suffered from this addiction.
  • He has gone to doctors, therapy, and all types of specialists — nothing has helped.
  • He has “white knuckled it” for years and years, but it did not help.
  • He heard about Precarii from a friend, signed up, but didn’t post the prayer out of embarrassment.
  • On July 1st, he realized it could be posted anonymously.
  • From that moment on, his “craving” dropped by 90%.

To put in his words: “Yes, I still think about it, but it’s no longer this urge that I cannot control. I figured the urge would come back in a day or two, like it always does, but it didn’t.

Thirty days later, I feel more in control than I have in years. By no means do I feel my struggle is over, as I’ve learned that once you are addicted, you are always addicted. However, for the first time I believe I can win, because of HIM.

For years, I put my faith in man, in the form of doctors, therapist, and all types of specialists, but what I really needed to do was put my faith in GOD.

When I posted this prayer, I didn’t have much faith that anything would happen. Now, I believe with all my heart that prayers work. Thank you!”

Answered Prayer #301 – Triple Bypass

Precarii Prayer Request:  Felix’s Triple Bypass at 9AM / Father in Law, Felix  Surgery schedule for Monday, June 20th

Prayers Received:  406


  • After a typical quadruple bypass (originally it was going to be a triple bypass, turned out to be a quadruple) a patient stays in the hospital for five days.
  • He responded SO well that the doctor and nurses were shocked and amazed.
  • The proof came when on the second day, the doctor said “you might be able to go home tomorrow.”  I told my wife, “let’s not push it, keep him in another day or two.” 
  • The next day (day 3) the doctor visited and said, “you have improved so fast, and are so strong, you should go home and sleep in your bed.” 
  • We couldn’t believe it!  Three days after having this major surgery, he was going home. 

This is because of your prayers! Thank you! My God Bless all Precarii Users that believe in the power of prayer!!!!

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Answered Prayer #240 – Prostate Cancer

Precarii Prayer Request:  Michael – Aggressive Prostate Cancer

Prayers Received:  714


  • Prayer was posted for Michael and his aggressive prostate cancer, and instantly users from all around the world started praying for him.
  • The doctor made clear that due to the aggressive nature of this type of cancer, after the surgery, they were going to have to do radiation.
  • Surgery was scheduled for Monday, April 4th and that went as planned.
  • After the surgery, another test was given, and the doctor was delighted to find no cancer, and the radiation was not needed!
  • The following was posted:

“PRAYER ANSWERED!!!! Michael was given the good news today that he is cancer free!!!!!  This was an aggressive cancer that is no longer there.  Praise God, thank you Jesus for answering the intersession of St. Charbel and St. Peregrine and the many prayers from the Precarii Family.  Mike wants to say thank you to every person who has prayed for them because they have experienced Supernatural peace during these past months that they attribute to their Precarii Family.”

What are you concerned about?  Let us pray for you.

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Answered Prayer #179 – Cervical Cancer

Precarii Prayer Request:  Cathy Battling Stage 4 Cervical Cancer

Prayers Received:  702


  • Cathy was diagnosed with Stage 4 Cervical Cancer.
  • Her friend Michele posted a prayer on Precarii asking for prayers.
  • Five weeks later, her doctor said “tumors started to shrink.”
  • Fourteen weeks later, 702 prayers were sent from all over the world, and the following was posted:

“I got the most wonderful news! The cancer in Cathy’s uterus is gone. Still showing lymph nodes. But gives hope to start 2nd round of chemo. Best news I’ve heard in 6-months. Gotta stop shedding tears still at work. Thank you, God!”

Come pray with us!


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Answered Prayer #148

Precarii Prayer Request: Precarii Growth, According to HIS plan

Prayers Received:  192


  • Precarii was launched on December 8, 2015 without a formalized business strategy. We simply say “We will grow according to HIS Plan, we’re just along for the ride.”
  • This prayer was posted, 192 people prayed for Precarii’s growth, then the disposition was changed to “In God’s Hands.”  We believed that God heard our prayer, now we just need to wait to see God’s plan unfold.
  • About a month ago an opportunity for a marketing grant came across our desk.  We applied, but we were denied.  
  • To us, the reasons for the denial didn’t make sense.  Instead of getting frustrated, we simply gave our needs back to God and trusted in HIS plan.
  • Six weeks after the first application, and after various resubmissions, we were approved for a $20,000 per month marketing grant.

How often do you try to “figure things out” or “force things to happen” your way?  If you knew with certainty that God is working in your life, would you stop worrying and start trusting in HIM?

It’s time to trust in HIM completely and without reservation.  Trust in HIS great plan for your life, grow closer to HIM, and watch HIS plan unfold. 

Faith is a free gift that God gives to each of us, unfortunately, many choose to ignore it.  The choice is yours.

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Answered Prayer #103 – Brain Aneurism

Original Prayer: For Ann Weiss – Lord, soothe her in this time of fear and confusion.

Total Prayers Received: 327


  • Ann suffered a traumatic double brain aneurism late last year.
  • Multiple prayers were posted on Precarii from Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church in Scottsdale, Arizona.
  • Miraculously, Ann started to recuperate WAY beyond what the doctor thought was possible.
  • This Sunday, someone that looked a lot like Ann was playing the piano in church.

I asked someone sitting near us, “Is that Ann Weiss playing the piano?”  The person said, “It can’t be.”  I couldn’t quite tell because she was much thinner than I remember Ann being.

After mass, I approached the woman and said, “Ann Weiss?” She said, “Yes, by the gift of God I’m here! My doctor told me that there is not a medical reason he can give me as to why I am alive.”

Then, she looked at my daughter and said, “Prayers work… keep praying!”

– Story submitted by Philip Tirone.

Please comment below with any answered prayer that you would like to submit.

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Answered Prayer #78 – Financial Miracle

Prayer Request:  Losing Faith – I’m at a crossroads and in despair.  I pray the Lord sends me an angel to help.

Prayers Received:  146


  • Over the past 7-months, Rebecca had been on medical leave from work, which culminated with her being laid off on January 11, 2016.
  • She owed thousands of dollars worth of uncovered medical care, her mortgage was due on February 1st, and her daughter’s college tuition was due shortly thereafter. She called friends and family and nobody was in a position to help.  
  • She posted the above prayer on Precarii.  As she prayed for guidance, she also prayed for her former employer.
  • On January 27th she received a call from the company that laid her off. Contractually, she was owed nothing from the company, yet they decided unilaterally to help her.
  • Because of all she did for the company, they decided to give her a parting bonus that was equal to 12-months of her bills and her first payment would be wired to her Friday (her bills were due on Monday). 

In Rebecca’s own words:  “I can’t emphasize enough how this solution was absolutely the result of prayer!!  God swooped in at the last minute.“  

Truly, anything is possible with God.  What would you like us to pray for?

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