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Answered Prayer #14 – Child Brain Surgery

Precarii Prayer Request:  Baby Cole – 4 year Old Getting Brain Surgery

Prayers Received:  1,169

Details:  In December, we had four prayers posted for Baby Cole.

  • His parents found a brain tumor the size of a large baseball on the left side of his brain.  The doctor said that they must operate immediately and that the surgery could affect his personality / speech / motor skills (walking ability).  The MRI and angiogram indicated that half the tumor would be unreachable by surgery. 
  • On December 30th, Cole had a six-hour surgery that resulted in 23 staples in his head.
  • The surgery went well and just as the MRI and angiogram showed, there was part of the tumor that they couldn’t get because it was behind his cerebral artery.  They performed another MRI to see how much was left (expecting to be 50% of the tumor).
  • Upon getting the results the doctors were shocked!  Dr. Hudgins said, “It looks much better than I thought was possible!” There wasn’t 50% of the tumor left… now there is only 10% left.  PLUS, there was no evidence of any tumor behind the artery (as the MRI and angiogram had indicated).
  • Currently, Cole is home and doing great. He is now walking as good as before the surgery, which is another blessing and miracle that his motor skills were not impacted.
  • Please continue to keep Cole in your prayers, as a second surgery is likely needed to remove the rest of the tumor.

In Michelle’s own words:  “God has given us peace and I am truly thankful for your prayers. We have heard of people all over the country praying for Cole. Most of which we don’t even know. This has been so humbling. God listened.”

What are you concerned about?  Let us pray for you.

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