Answered Prayer #14 – Child Brain Surgery

Precarii Prayer Request:  Baby Cole – 4 year Old Getting Brain Surgery

Prayers Received:  1,169

Details:  In December, we had four prayers posted for Baby Cole.

  • His parents found a brain tumor the size of a large baseball on the left side of his brain.  The doctor said that they must operate immediately and that the surgery could affect his personality / speech / motor skills (walking ability).  The MRI and angiogram indicated that half the tumor would be unreachable by surgery. 
  • On December 30th, Cole had a six-hour surgery that resulted in 23 staples in his head.
  • The surgery went well and just as the MRI and angiogram showed, there was part of the tumor that they couldn’t get because it was behind his cerebral artery.  They performed another MRI to see how much was left (expecting to be 50% of the tumor).
  • Upon getting the results the doctors were shocked!  Dr. Hudgins said, “It looks much better than I thought was possible!” There wasn’t 50% of the tumor left… now there is only 10% left.  PLUS, there was no evidence of any tumor behind the artery (as the MRI and angiogram had indicated).
  • Currently, Cole is home and doing great. He is now walking as good as before the surgery, which is another blessing and miracle that his motor skills were not impacted.
  • Please continue to keep Cole in your prayers, as a second surgery is likely needed to remove the rest of the tumor.

In Michelle’s own words:  “God has given us peace and I am truly thankful for your prayers. We have heard of people all over the country praying for Cole. Most of which we don’t even know. This has been so humbling. God listened.”

What are you concerned about?  Let us pray for you.

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  • My walk with the Lord Jesus Christ is not where it should be. My salvation is in doubt. God grant me Grace and Mercy

    Marcus Compton Reply
  • I would like to pray for those I’m reading about and would also ask that you pray for my niece Brenda and her daughter Cera who is very sick please God give them strength to deal with things daily and don’t let Cera have to go through so much pain My son is also struggling with addictions I pray he gets treatment and learns to live a good life in order to take care of his family

    Sandi Harper Reply
  • I had a TBI in May of 2014 in Boston, MA. I was in a coma for 9 days when I came out of the coma I asked for a pen and paper from my parents and I wrote down my grandfather’s name. I told them it was raining and that he was leading, making everyone feel safe and comfortable. The doctors removed part of my skull so my brain could swell and heal for three months and then they replaced the part of the skull that they had removed. There’s a reason your baby Cole was given a second chance, the Lord has a plan for him, my prayer’s go out to your son for a steadfast recovery may the Lord bless his spirit and the Lord will be by his side while the doctors remove what is left of the tumor. God Bless.
    Love, Peace, Joy,

    Matthew Goddard Reply
  • Lord Jesus there is nothing impossible that our Lord Jesus can do, all we have to do is have faith and believe, and Lord will not only heal Cole, but allow Cole, to be a testimony for Him.

    Clayton Reply
  • I pray that God continues to heal Cole and give him strength. I also would like to pray for the parents, because these things can not only be financially straining but also emotionally straining. Take care and God Speed.

    Brenda Ballman Reply