Version 1.3 Now Available!

Thank you for all your feedback. We have updated Precarii, and here is what is included in the new version:

1)  Comments – You can now make comments below the prayer button.

2)  Notification Button – This is the bell located at the top of the app. When you click on it, you will find every interaction that is made with your posted prayer requests. For example:

  • When someone comments on your prayer, it will show here.
  • When someone prays for you, it will show here.

If you want to respond to a comment, simply tap the comment and it will take you directly there. No more scrolling to comment.

3)  Expired Prayers – In order to keep the prayer list active, all prayers that are posted and not prayed for get deleted after 5 days of inactivity.

Now, you can reactivate any “expired prayer” by going to the 2nd icon (the clipboard), click on the “expired prayer” tab, then click on the pencil of whichever prayer you wish to reactivate, select “active” and press save.

4)  “God’s Hands” – This is located under the 2nd icon (the clipboard). We created this “In God’s Hands” disposition for prayers so that if you have a prayer that is not “answered,” and you want to take it off the prayer list, you can put it in “God’s Hands.”

5)  Answered Prayers List – Located at the 5th icon (flower). We now have a place where you can see all answered prayers.  If you need any proof that prayers work, simply go to the 5th icon.

6)  Prayer List – When you open up Precarii, you will now see how many prayers are on our “Worldwide Prayer List” and how many prayers are on your “Friends Prayer List.”

We are currently developing the following for Version 1.4:

1)  Group Prayer List – You will be able to create groups and pray for the prayers in just those groups.  This could be a church group, a family group, or any group you want.  You will also be able to post prayers to only group members if they are private and not public.

2)  Direct Message – You will be able to send a private message to any of our users.  These messages will be sent via Precarii and no private information will be shared.

3)  Multiple Logins – For those of you who post as non-profits, churches, or have children that use your phone, next month, you will be able to change your login within the app.  This will make it easier to pray.