Precarii’s Prayer Advisory Committee

When you join our Prayer Advisory Committee, you are telling us that you want to get more involved with Precarii.  Excellent!

Primarily, there are two things we ask our members to do:

  1. Use Precarii often (ideally daily) and pray for the intentions posted.
  2. Pray for God’s plan with Precarii.

When you join, you will:

  1. Be invited to the Precarii Prayer Advisory Committee Private Group
  2. Be included in emails about Precarii and our future.
  3. Be asked your opinion on various items.
  4. Be invited to group conference calls (when we have them).

If you are interested, simply fill out your information below.

May God Bless you and your family today.

1 Comment

  • I pray for the author and the members of the precariis team. Iam happy to joined the team. I pray that the Lords grace upon the foundation. Qmen.

    Sule Shammah Reply