Precarii’s Prayer Advisory Committee

When you join our Prayer Advisory Committee, you are telling us that you want to get more involved with Precarii.  Excellent!

Primarily, there are two things we ask our members to do:

  1. Use Precarii often (ideally daily) and pray for the intentions posted.
  2. Pray for God’s plan with Precarii.

When you join, you will:

  1. Be invited to the Precarii Prayer Advisory Committee Private Group
  2. Be included in emails about Precarii and our future.
  3. Be asked your opinion on various items.
  4. Be invited to group conference calls (when we have them).

If you are interested, simply fill out your information below.

May God Bless you and your family today.


  • I pray for the author and the members of the precariis team. Iam happy to joined the team. I pray that the Lords grace upon the foundation. Qmen.

    Sule Shammah Reply
    • Stay blessed

      Bockarie P Koroma Reply
    • I’m interested in praying with all people global y so that God may hill me of me ofme of lung cancer and any other cancer cells in my body may our able lord enable this miracle

      Jane wambua Reply
      • Download Precarii Prayer App and Post your Prayer on the App… Praying for your quick recovery…

        Jobert Sabino Reply
  • I love this precarii prayer group, for the fact we remember those that are not related to us. So many people are going through so much pain. But I Know that putting our faith in the Lord, we are safe.

    Chinyere Onyewuchi Reply
  • Thanks for letting me know about this

    Natsa David Lot Reply
  • God bless you all. Praying for the healing hands of God upon my life.

    Agada Chizoba Anthonia Reply
  • I am interested

    Caroline Reply
  • thank you for you prayers, im praying for my financial problems my worries, im praying that all my worries will be done for happiness and my answered prayer, please include me on all your prayers of my financial help to overcome everyhting… in jesus name amen…

    cibeberly lorana Reply
  • Thank you so much founder of pecarri group association am grateful for the opportunity to be here God bless you richly bless your ministry in the mighty name of Jesus Christ AMEN 🙏🙏🙏

  • Please pray for my federal job appointment letter will be given to expecting the testimony in Jesus mighty name Amen 🙏🙏🙏

  • May God give you more Grace fada and amen to all our request

    lucy Reply
  • Great very much interested

    Iwuchukwu Anthony Reply
  • I need to be more involved and to know more about this forum. Please I need serious prayers for divine favours. I pray for total liberation of my sister(Lucia) from demonic oppression.

    Mary F Reply
  • Thanx

    mellany banda Reply
  • I am happy to be part of the great team

    Agufusi Theresa Reply
  • Prayer is the master key I believe in prayers.

    Ukeh peace oge Reply
  • I want to be and part of this crews .

    Ogunsanya Olusegun Israel Reply
  • Good day its my first time to ask a prayer in this group if ever miracle still happen iam asking urgent financial provisions for my husband got stroke and his our only bread winner hope i may see signs that my petitions be granted thank you.

    Patricia T. Ramirez Reply
  • I am glad too, to shown the way in via precarii prayer group towards people life. May the God Lord, grant each and every one strength ad ability to keep on with the Faith. Amen.

    Afam okoye Reply
  • I am interested in joining this team God bless all of you Amen

    Michael o Aziujali Reply
  • I will be glad to be part of the prayer team.

    Ukaegbu Judith ogechi Reply
  • I am a cancer~ patient without a family and need prayers

    Diana Marshall Reply
  • I want to be praying for people

    Ukaegbu Judith Reply
  • God is my strength. I have no other hope than Him.

    Christy Ezekwe Reply
  • Thank you for joint me in this team 🙏🙏🙏

    Anju biswa Reply
  • I want to be part of this Gods agenda

    Ngozi Chinyere Anigbogu Reply
  • Im very grateful to be 1 a precari’s member

    Meryann Bautista Reply
  • I just want precari’s member to help me for praying me and my family

    Meryann Bautista Reply
  • In the hands of the almighty God

    Innocent Chinedu Reply
  • I pray for Divine intervision

    Francisca Reply
  • I pray for women. Who are left to for their family, let God provide for them and give them the strength to carry on Amen

    Okolie Anthonia Reply
  • Thank you for your prayers.

    Oluwatoyin eso bakare Reply
  • I am happy to be here

    Oluwatoyin eso bakare Reply
  • May the Grace and the favor of God rest upon this team, I’m happy to be part of this team

    Moses Saah Reply
  • Thanks for inviting me. I am very much interested.

    Ngozi ldu Onyishi. Reply
  • Am so worried that the narrator explain exactly how am feeling now. Am so financially down that nobody I can turn to. Self isolation without Convid-19.

    Andrew Ugbodaga Reply
  • Am interested

  • Hi im grateful to join this prayer group..

    Ignatius Reply
  • I am very interested be with this group and pray for the needy who are suffering from various diseases specially covid 19. I am also facing many problems like disease (pressure, sugar wheezing etc.) Financially I have some depths. Please pray for me and my family. My daughter got married ten years ago. No child to date. Please pray for her and be happy in the family. Dear brothers please pray for my earnest request. May God bless you all. Amen.

    Lourdusamy. Reply
  • I want to be a member of this group

    Felicia Akosu Reply
  • I want my mom’s Mary Lobo to heal from her pain and touch her from Thyroid Cancer and the growth of lump in the name of Jesus I ask this favour and I have faith that Jesus will heal her in the name of Jesus and she has become weak.Give her strength to become stronger

    Sandra Lobo Reply
  • God bless and keep you with fresh anointing and wisdom.

    Janet Jacob Jatau Reply
  • Please search Pastor Chris Oyakhilome healing crusades in South Africa he cured all diseases , illness , u can find healing your friend u believe it or is true thanks ..God bless u

    Josie wong Reply
  • Praise the lord I’m facing lots of financial problems threatening by local people who helped me but prayers n my saviour protecting me n my kids,,I lost my husband 11months back.

    Mrs Kezia vayola Reply
  • I’m so thankful for the service being rendered to the people of God. Its only in Him that man can find peaceful resolution to all outstanding challenges

    Musoke Denis Reply
  • Jesus and Mother Mary heal my mom Mary Lobo from her pain and touch her from Thyroid Cancer with the holy spirit gave the strength to walk& heal from her pain and the lump not to grow more. remove it.

    Sandra Lobo Reply
  • Like anything prayer because God never fails his people

    Felicita Hillary Reply
  • I love to be part of this group

    Ignatius Reply
  • I want precarii%s prayer group to pray for healing of my family, body and soul, healing of family tree also conversion of my enemies

    Roberta Igba Reply
  • I wish to be an active member of Precarii Prayer Group. Although, I have been following your newsletters on my mail

    Chidozie Nnanna Reply
  • Please I need prayers, I and my family are under attacks of the evil people

    Favour austine Reply
  • Thank God for being part of this wonderful Family,I am praying for God Divine Mercy, Healing, Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding,and everlasting Happiness, AMEN 🙏🙏🙏🕊️❤️

    Victor Tamba Yamba Reply
  • All praise to you oh God 🙌🙏🕊️❤️

    Victor Tamba Yamba Reply
  • The Lord Jesus Christ Known For His Fervent Prayer While He Was Physically On Earth. He Also Told Us Emphatically To Watch And Pray.

    Fine Ajeh Remembrance RemeberGod Reply
  • I want to join because I want to know God purpose on my life and make it manifest. Thank you.

    Idongesit Ambrose Reply
  • Please I need your help this time of misery. I began work since 23rd of Sept,2019 and since then I have not been pay rolled or pay a dial. Kindly assist me in prayers bcos I believed someone is against me. I need God’s intervention now

    Oguejiofor Chidumebi Ngozi Reply
  • I’m very happy to be part of this family, I also pray for Gods grace upon the founder.

    Musa Elizabeth Reply
  • Iam asking prayer for this month to full fill my needs

    Vedasto Reply
  • I love it & I’m interested

    Chukwuka Mauricia Ngozi Reply
  • I will be honoured to be in this prayer group. May God grant us all our heart desires as it pleases Him. Our God who knows the best for us and loves us more than we can never imagine.

    Miriam Eby Reply
  • Pray for my mom Susan nyambura whoi is fighting for cervical cancer she have already done with chemotherapy and radiotherapy preparing to go branchyltherapy on 17th please dear ones pray for her she is having pain due to side effects God bless you all and heal our mom

    Fericiner nganga Reply
  • My first time but let’s king it

    Angeline Apiyo Reply
  • My first time, God bless all ,pray for Beatrice masiga battling breast cancer ,she has reached a point that she can’t swallow anything at home no medication due to lack of finance

    Anjeline Apiyo Reply
  • Am new here,I love the good work you are doing and am happy to be part of this group so I can be strong in my faith. God bless you all.

    Mbanu Uche Reply
  • May God bless this platform

    Eze chibueze Kingsley Reply
  • Stay blessed

    Bockarie P Koroma Reply
  • To be a member of precarii’s prayer .

    Uwah Oluchukwu Glory Reply
  • Thank Lord God for this wonderful family of Yours all over the world, may this family remain for ever in peace. Amen

    Peaceful Reply
  • Am willing to join for my salvation and breakthrough

    Chukwudolue Solomon Reply
  • I like the precarii’s prayer group for jointly lifting up our prayers to God not even knowing who we are.

    Ngozi ldu Onyishi. Reply
  • I like precarii’s prayer group for jointly lifting up our prayers to God not even knowing who we are.

    Ngozi ldu Onyishi. Reply