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Answered Prayer #345 – Addiction

Precarii Prayer Request: I’ve been addicted for 30 years. I know that only God can help me. Ready to change.

Prayers Received: 82


  • This was an anonymous post and the user contacted us via phone and asked to remain anonymous.
  • For 34 years he has suffered from this addiction.
  • He has gone to doctors, therapy, and all types of specialists — nothing has helped.
  • He has “white knuckled it” for years and years, but it did not help.
  • He heard about Precarii from a friend, signed up, but didn’t post the prayer out of embarrassment.
  • On July 1st, he realized it could be posted anonymously.
  • From that moment on, his “craving” dropped by 90%.

To put in his words: “Yes, I still think about it, but it’s no longer this urge that I cannot control. I figured the urge would come back in a day or two, like it always does, but it didn’t.

Thirty days later, I feel more in control than I have in years. By no means do I feel my struggle is over, as I’ve learned that once you are addicted, you are always addicted. However, for the first time I believe I can win, because of HIM.

For years, I put my faith in man, in the form of doctors, therapist, and all types of specialists, but what I really needed to do was put my faith in GOD.

When I posted this prayer, I didn’t have much faith that anything would happen. Now, I believe with all my heart that prayers work. Thank you!”