Answered Prayer #345 – Addiction

Precarii Prayer Request: I’ve been addicted for 30 years. I know that only God can help me. Ready to change.

Prayers Received: 82


  • This was an anonymous post and the user contacted us via phone and asked to remain anonymous.
  • For 34 years he has suffered from this addiction.
  • He has gone to doctors, therapy, and all types of specialists — nothing has helped.
  • He has “white knuckled it” for years and years, but it did not help.
  • He heard about Precarii from a friend, signed up, but didn’t post the prayer out of embarrassment.
  • On July 1st, he realized it could be posted anonymously.
  • From that moment on, his “craving” dropped by 90%.

To put in his words: “Yes, I still think about it, but it’s no longer this urge that I cannot control. I figured the urge would come back in a day or two, like it always does, but it didn’t.

Thirty days later, I feel more in control than I have in years. By no means do I feel my struggle is over, as I’ve learned that once you are addicted, you are always addicted. However, for the first time I believe I can win, because of HIM.

For years, I put my faith in man, in the form of doctors, therapist, and all types of specialists, but what I really needed to do was put my faith in GOD.

When I posted this prayer, I didn’t have much faith that anything would happen. Now, I believe with all my heart that prayers work. Thank you!”


  • Praise God!

    Andrew Reply
  • what a blessing to see prayers being answered God bless you all in the name of Jesus to keep you strong. My prayer for my son that he would find out what his mental illness is and a GOD would put him on the right path. he’s name is Adrian he’s been struggling since kindergarten and he’s 28 years old pray for his Deliverance the name of Jesus

    Leigh White Reply

    Patrece Myers Reply