12 Best Prayer Quotes That Touches the Soul.

12 Best Prayer Quotes That Touches the Soul.

If you follow us on our Facebook Page, you know that we are creating posts every day that could encourage someone to Pray. Little by little, we gather quotations and sayings that inspire others to pray.

Here are the 12 Quotes that could inspire you to be prayerful.

  1. Don’t dwell too much on what you are going to say to God. Talk with your heart Open.
  1. Sometimes you might think God is taking you for granted. NO! He is not!
  1. Saint John Chrysostom, once told us what does prayers bring us.
  1. When you are praying, know where you are going to focus.
  1. Remember you can have the key anytime, but you need to find your door.
  1. Sometimes, it’s not always about you.
  1. Even St. Therese mentioned these words. Now, some people call it the “Law of Attraction”, she call it prayer.
  1. This does not only means physically, more importantly, we also need this internally.
  1. What you have inside matters the most.
  1. Pray to bring Him inside.
  1. If you want a change, you must know where to starts. In Prayer.
  1. Are you tired of praying? Listen to Pope Francis’s words.

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