Precarii Miracle #1

Precarii Miracle #1

Thank you for your Prayers, a miracle happened!

As you can see below, we have been praying for Lucas Luhers (a 14-month-year-old boy from Phoenix) who had cancer in 4% of his blood.

When I met his mother, she said, “the doctors tell me, it’s only a matter of time.”

I just saw her this morning and asked her, “How’s Lucas, he’s feeling better right?”

She said, “Yes! The test showed that the cancer was in 4% of his bloodstream. The next test showed that it was in 16% of his bloodstream. Then, somehow it dropped back to 4%.”

She continued, “What’s even more amazing is that the latest test showed that his bloodstream has 0% cancer! 0%!!!”

Thank you for your 216 prayers. Let’s continue to pray for a 100% miraculous healing! Please check the comments area of this prayer for continued updates.

The Precarii Team