Answered Prayer #45 – Financial Miracle

Precarii Prayer Request:  Praying for Work Over the Holidays, Blessings for His Fiancee

Prayers Received:  415

Details:  On January 19th, Jose posted this Answered Prayer:  “New Work, Home, and Money to Finish Law School.”

Here are the details:

  • For months, Jose and his fiancee Elizabeth were separated by thousands of miles.  In late December, they were together for the first time and started to focus on praying together and believing that their prayers were going to be answered.
  • Three weeks later, Jose was hired by two bankruptcy attorneys, both of which will provide him with about $5,000 per month of income ($10,000 total).
  • The next week, a past client called him and offered to invest in Jose by paying for law school education.  When Jose becomes an attorney, the past client will be paid back accordingly.
  • A week later, the same client mentioned how he was looking for “Short Sales” to buy in San Diego.  Since Jose knows many real estate agents and lives in San Diego, he called a few agents to help his new partner out.  The first short sale that was identified was in the neighborhood that Jose and his fiancee Elizabeth wanted to buy in.  Jose shared it with the Investor, and the investor agreed to buy it, let Jose and Elizabeth live in it, and give them the right to buy the property from him within 24-months at a price that is currently below market value.

In Jose’s own words:  “I don’t know why I even doubted, all I needed to do was trust in God. Amazing!”

In Elizabeth’s own words:  “When we focus on God’s love and generosity, it’s so much easier to receive God’s graces.”

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1 Comment

  • Im grateful to hear your breakthroughs
    I hope that God also helps me and my family with a much needed financial breakthrough

    Thank you lord
    A house
    Work career
    Help my daughters and grand kids
    Pay off our debts
    In the name of Jesus Amen

    marj Reply