Your purpose

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Do you believe that God, the Father almighty, is the creator of heaven and earth?

Do you believe that God willed you into existence out of his love for you? In other words, you were not created out of some random sequence of events, but because He loved you.

If God created you out of His love for you, and not randomly, then it’s fair to say that He created you for a specific reason?

In other words… he created YOU to have a unique impact on this world.

With every person that God wills into existence, a new DNA is created, one as unique as your fingerprint. With that understanding, would it be fair to say that the impact you are meant to have in this world, is as unique as your fingerprint, as unique as your DNA?

This is your Spiritual Vocation; and it’s precisely why you were created and why you are here on this earth.

So if your purpose is as unique as your fingerprint and your DNA, think about this… if you don’t accomplish His plan for you, it will never be done.

That is how special you are.

That is how special you are.

That is how special you are.

Pray and grow closer to Him, and little by little, without even trying, your life will become easier and easier.

All this will happen because you are living within your purpose, the entire reason why you were created.

All in His name,


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