251,107 Prayers Sent + Request

251,107 Prayers Sent + Request

As of yesterday, we prayed for each other’s prayers 251,107 times.

Think about that…

  • People from around the world…
  • People you don’t know…
  • People you will never meet…

… are taking time, from their lives, to pray for your needs.

With all of these prayers, blessings are occurring in our little community. They include medical miracles that are unexplainable, financial windfalls, and emotional healings that have been strained for years.

All of this is happening with only 388 users. What would be possible if we had 3,880 users or 38,800 users?

The more we pray as a community, the more God will work in all of our lives.

Request: Who are three people that you can share Precarii with? Would you sit down with them and teach them how Precarii works and how you have benefited?

May God bless you and your family.

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