Answered Prayer #78 – Financial Miracle

Answered Prayer #78 – Financial Miracle

Prayer Request:  Losing Faith – I’m at a crossroads and in despair.  I pray the Lord sends me an angel to help.

Prayers Received:  146


  • Over the past 7-months, Rebecca had been on medical leave from work, which culminated with her being laid off on January 11, 2016.
  • She owed thousands of dollars worth of uncovered medical care, her mortgage was due on February 1st, and her daughter’s college tuition was due shortly thereafter. She called friends and family and nobody was in a position to help.  
  • She posted the above prayer on Precarii.  As she prayed for guidance, she also prayed for her former employer.
  • On January 27th she received a call from the company that laid her off. Contractually, she was owed nothing from the company, yet they decided unilaterally to help her.
  • Because of all she did for the company, they decided to give her a parting bonus that was equal to 12-months of her bills and her first payment would be wired to her Friday (her bills were due on Monday). 

In Rebecca’s own words:  “I can’t emphasize enough how this solution was absolutely the result of prayer!!  God swooped in at the last minute.“  

Truly, anything is possible with God.  What would you like us to pray for?

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  • God is faithful, pray for my daughter maureen to receive a miracle job

    Anna Reply
  • Hi you pray for financial breakthrough and my business thanks

    Lucy Mburu Reply