Answered Prayer #103 – Brain Aneurism

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Original Prayer: For Ann Weiss – Lord, soothe her in this time of fear and confusion.

Total Prayers Received: 327


  • Ann suffered a traumatic double brain aneurism late last year.
  • Multiple prayers were posted on Precarii from Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church in Scottsdale, Arizona.
  • Miraculously, Ann started to recuperate WAY beyond what the doctor thought was possible.
  • This Sunday, someone that looked a lot like Ann was playing the piano in church.

I asked someone sitting near us, “Is that Ann Weiss playing the piano?”  The person said, “It can’t be.”  I couldn’t quite tell because she was much thinner than I remember Ann being.

After mass, I approached the woman and said, “Ann Weiss?” She said, “Yes, by the gift of God I’m here! My doctor told me that there is not a medical reason he can give me as to why I am alive.”

Then, she looked at my daughter and said, “Prayers work… keep praying!”

– Story submitted by Philip Tirone.

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