Answered Prayer #148

Answered Prayer #148

Precarii Prayer Request: Precarii Growth, According to HIS plan

Prayers Received:  192


  • Precarii was launched on December 8, 2015 without a formalized business strategy. We simply say “We will grow according to HIS Plan, we’re just along for the ride.”
  • This prayer was posted, 192 people prayed for Precarii’s growth, then the disposition was changed to “In God’s Hands.”  We believed that God heard our prayer, now we just need to wait to see God’s plan unfold.
  • About a month ago an opportunity for a marketing grant came across our desk.  We applied, but we were denied.  
  • To us, the reasons for the denial didn’t make sense.  Instead of getting frustrated, we simply gave our needs back to God and trusted in HIS plan.
  • Six weeks after the first application, and after various resubmissions, we were approved for a $20,000 per month marketing grant.

How often do you try to “figure things out” or “force things to happen” your way?  If you knew with certainty that God is working in your life, would you stop worrying and start trusting in HIM?

It’s time to trust in HIM completely and without reservation.  Trust in HIS great plan for your life, grow closer to HIM, and watch HIS plan unfold. 

Faith is a free gift that God gives to each of us, unfortunately, many choose to ignore it.  The choice is yours.

Download Precarii Here:

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