Answered Prayer #367 – Suicide

Precarii Prayer Request:  Committed Suicide

Prayers Received:  69 Prayers and 33 comments in 5 hours

Details:  Instead of typing out the details of this very emotional prayer, we decided to take screenshots of all of the comments and share them with you below. What started as a Prayer Request for a woman that committed suicide, immediately turned into a support network like she has never felt before:

In Kat’s words: “Thank you everyone for your prayers.  The people here in Precarii are amazing. I am so lucky I found this app. Thank you guys. Really. This is the first time I encountered such a loving community… Please continue to pray for me. I think God wanted me to find this app. I felt this lightness in my heart on the bus this morning. I can’t explain it. It hurts still, but there is lightness.”

This is because of your prayers! Thank you! My God Bless all Precarii Users that believe in the power of prayer!!!!

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  • Plz pray for me so that I get a job soon.

    Venessa Reply